Home Networks

These days most homes have a broadband connection of some sort and usually the connection is shared using a wireless router. However, if you’re living in an area like we do, so do all your neighbours. This can cause what is known as¬†wireless interference and the result is slow or intermittent connections.

In new houses, included in the build you can find that the builder has added a wired network to the main rooms. What this means is that somewhere, usually under the stairs you will have a network switch and running from this switch will be wires (ethernet cables) going to the different rooms in the house. On a wall in those rooms will be a network connection plug.

Ethernet Wall Socket

This allows you to bypass the need to use wireless connectivity and means you can connect your complete or laptop to the house network using a cable. You may think this is taking a step backwards, but, if you are one of the many people who cannot get reliable wireless connections in their house, this could solve your problem.

Ask us about installing a home network, particularly if you are already thinking about a house re-wire or are having problems with using your wireless connections in your house caused by too many other wireless connections in your immediate vicinity.

Thinking about a “Home Office” or “Log Cabin”

Don’t forget to ask us about extending a dedicated electrical supply to the building and why not add full network connections at the same time.

Wireless Networks

An alternative approach to managing poor connectivity and/or poor wireless signal strength is to add wireless extenders to your home. Some can be added by simply plugging in an extender to a vacant plug socket but they are not always the most attractive looking electrical appliances.

Why not add a ceiling mounted wireless extender like the one shown below. Positioned in strategic locations throughout the house they are unobtrusive and very effective.

Ceiling Mounted Wireless Access Point

If you plan carefully they can be sited next to an existing smoke alarm as in the example shown below.

Wireless Access Point & Smoke Alarm